Non-contact IC card
Contactless IC card
Non-contact IC card
Contactless IC card Description: 
4442 contact cards, contactless cards 4428, 5542 contactless cards, contactless cards 5528 
1. IC card, also known as "IC card", the IC as a standard serial EEPROM. Smart cards, the English name "Integrated Circuit Card" or "Smart card", Frenchman Roland Moreno was invented in 1974, will have storage, encryption and data processing capabilities and integrated circuit chip packages in the same size as a credit card-sized plastic film base , and they constitute the IC card. 
2. IC card division encrypted memory card and memory card encryption 
Non-encrypted memory cards: card IC as a standard serial EEPROM. 
Plus password storage card: Card IC for serial EEPROM with encryption logic. 
EEPROM: Electricity is one of the available methods to erase its contents all at once, in accordance with byte erase, then re-write storage circuit. 
Compare 3. IC cards and other cards 
Since the IC card using today's most advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology and information security technology, IC card relative to other types of card has the following characteristics: 
⑴ storage capacity: its internal RAM, ROM, EEPROM, and other memory storage capacity to megabytes to store text, sound, graphics, images, and other information. 
⑵ small size, light weight, strong anti-jamming capability, easy to carry and easy to use. 
⑶ safe: IC card implementation of its security policies from several aspects of hardware and software, you can control access to the characteristics of different regions within the card. Encryption IC card itself has a secure password, if you attempt to illegally access the data on the card self-destruction, can no longer be read. 
⑷ less demanding on the network: security IC card so that it reduces the reliability of real-time computer network, the sensitivity requirements in the application environment, is in line with current conditions conducive to the use of low quality in the network environment. 
(B) characteristics 
Depending on the chip and the same manufacturers of different chip manufacturers, IC card has its own specific characteristics (see related information), but in terms of its characteristics, the following points. Now compared with the card. 
1 storage capacity: 
Card can only store a few hundred bytes maximum, magnetic stripe can do as a passive storage intermediary. While IC card can store 1M bytes, and storage areas can be split, with different levels of access. 
2 cryptographically 
No card control circuit, and therefore its internal data reading and writing can not safely control the order and reading technique is mechanical, and the IC card reading and writing control circuit for its internal data, erasing control reading technique is stochastic . 
3 network dependencies: 
When you use the card to ensure that a strong real-time between the terminal and the host, once the host or network failure will cause the entire system to a standstill, while the IC card can store large amounts of data, but also by the logic circuit control, the use of all the operations of all by terminal independently, completely out of the terminal dependence on the network. 
4 life: 
Magnetic short life, usually between the months of their life to a year, while the IC card is not man-made damage to the life span of a decade or more. 
5 Immunity: 
Card in anti-magnetic, anti-static, waterproof, etc. are poor, and can not mess wipe magnetic stripe, and IC cards are strong in these areas, but the chip should be kept clean. 
6 security properties: 
Card is easy to forge, and IC card itself has a strong logic encryption, making counterfeiting rate is almost zero. 
7. IC card reader equipment simple and reliable than magnetic card reader equipment, are cheap, easy to promote, easy maintenance. 
Three .IC card storage structure: 
Different IC card chip different from its storage structure, now simply describes the general situation: 
IC card with a considerable storage area in this region can be divided into a single unit, each of which is a unit of data is stored in each cell, a cell may be specified for a data store, and may be randomly storage some IC card is divided into different regions, each region has its unique nature, but on its way to store each region are similar. 
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